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3 min readAug 6, 2021

Ọmọ olóòku a bà jà lọ́run.

My newly installed Adjunct gist partner.

Wahala nor dey tire you?

Wetin I do nau again, I am mourning my mama o.

Talking about that, I was discreetly at the burial

Were you hiding at the funeral?

But why that speedy burial?

The old woman forbade us from putting her in the morgue.

Old people and their ways.

You can hardly beat that.

Your mama was famous, good Lord!

Why did you say so?

The Church was overflown with people.

She was way too kind and generous.

Are you like her?

I don’t know about that.

Artful dodger, you are.

I am currently gentle!

So back to my reports of the event.

Thank you so very much.

Did you see the video I sent?

Yes, thanks. I got other ones as well.

The pallbearers were something else.

What did they do?

They took money to carry the coffin to the Church

That should be normal

And asked for money to move from the car to the Church.

Okay, then.

And collected another money to move back to the car.


Yet another money to convey to the burial site.

Hahaha, how many times for the same service?

Then when it was dust to dust rituals.

The same people?

No, another set of guys.

Asking for their own money?

They charged everyone who will do that 1k

Like a levy kind of.

It was not even funny.

Did they all pay?

Some, especially some grandchildren, refused to pay.

But all my siblings paid.

They had no choice, though there were some arguments.

So, everywhere was like a checkpoint.

It is too tiring!

I saw some scenes in the videos

Why burdened those who were mourning?

I guess they thought mama was old enough to be celebrated.

All of them were still fed.

Has that not become the culture?

It is more of a burial enterprise.

Wonders will never end!

I learned one of your former colleagues was present.

Yes, he came with his brother-in-law.

You guys must be very close.

He is my younger brother from other parents.

He seems to know all your family members.

It is mutual, and I am at home with his family too.

I love him already.

Did you introduce yourself to him?

I told you I went discreetly

Because you did not want to spend money.

You are just impossible.

Remember, I am still mourning.

How old was mama?

It was estimated to be 110 years!

Do you doubt the figure?

There was no record to confirm.

What is your estimate, then?

I align with the family.

May you and the family be comforted.

God bless you, bros.

Mama lived well; at least that was the testimony.

We tried our best for her.

Ọmọ rere á gbẹ̀yìn gbogbo wa o.

Àmín lórúkọ Jésù o.

Signing out here.

Many thanks, but next time show face o.

I have heard you.

Good night, èye mi Wúràọlá olúrú upara èré




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