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So, the last Father’s Day was quite eventful.

My family made it worthwhile.

And then the moment for some speeches

“Dad, you are very honest and blunt, but you can be very mean sometimes.”

What exactly are you talking about?

That was the silent question I was asking no one.

Lọ́rọ̀ kan ṣháá, wọ́n ní mo burú.

They bought cake, big one o

And made delicious meal (not pounded yam o)

And celebrated with me as a ‘nice’ father.

Síbẹ̀ síbẹ̀ wọ́n ní mo buru

Just after cutting the cake

And taking some bites

I heard one inviting his friend.

“Hey, come grab some cake. We got Father’s Day cake.”

Right before my very eyes o

Síbẹ̀ síbẹ̀ wọ́n ní mo burú

And the Headmistress now asked if she could dish some food for the friend

The food made for me o

With no one even negotiating with me.

Not that I am a bandit o.

But how can I marry an Igbo woman

And my children will not know how to negotiate.

I remember now, and they said I am kind and generous too.

Anyway, wọ́n ní mo burú.

I was given gifts as well

Adorable gifts laikdat o

Not the usual boxers o

The gifts I love very well.

Síbẹ̀ síbẹ̀ wọ́n ní mo buru

They really made my day

And I am super grateful to them.

I woke up the second day

And in the tradition of what my father taught me

I thanked them one by one.

Some giggled, some nodded

Some murmured, “You are welcome.”

Síbẹ̀ síbẹ̀ wọ́n ní mo buru

Then a beautiful card

Signed by everyone

With nice messages

One even called me a role model.

Ju gbogbo ẹ̀ lọ, wọ́n ní mo burú

Even at that, I borrowed myself sense

And took all in

With gait and humbleness

Perhaps, it is payback time

Of honesty and bluntness.

Àbí ṣé mó burú lóòótọ́ ni?

Nevertheless, I savor the day.

The remarkable once a year moment

Not minding the punchline.

That calls for some reflections.

Maybe I am doing a great job

Triggering such a statement.

Tí wọ̀n rò wípé ní ṣe ni mó burú.




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